About US

EnGrip was invented with a revolutionary goal

Offer a remarkable tool that enables students and professionals to document their informal learning experiences and use it for their career growth with total credibility and ease

Our vision is lofty

Become the game-changer of the learning industry by transforming the perception and validating the informal self-learning experiences that happen everyday

Our story

When Anil Kumar Ghorakavi, the mastermind behind EnGrip, joined Oracle soon after graduation, he had little knowledge on ERP. So he had to learn and develop his expertise about this business process management software. He took to self-learning. He read authority blogs and Oracle documentations. Watched YouTube videos. Got involved in peer discussions. And developed his knowledge and expertise on ERP. He soon realised it is only through informal learning most people learn, grow a particular skillset, and become the masters of their game.However, there was no validation for these informal learning experiences. The hours spent learning to gain knowledge on a subject is nowhere reflected on the resume, certificates or professional networking profiles. Still, self-learning plays a vital role in one's career.
He started pondering wouldn't it be great if we could find a way to capture and offer credibility to the organic learning that happens everyday. How about an online tool to record the learning experiences? It would serve as a more informative version of a person's knowledge than a two-page resume, or a certificate. How about a social networking platform where one could publish the learning experience? It would help establish their authority in a particular field, attracting peers and prospective employees. The entrepreneur spirit in Anil took over. In 2014, Anil quit the cubicle at Oracle in pursuit of his visionary dream. Armed with his self-learning experience, he started building the product that would turn his ideas of consolidating and validating and validating the informal learning experiences into a reality. His friends-turned-colleagues were equally excited about the product and became partners of the self-learning revolution. And EnGrip was established in 2016

Our passionate team

Anil Kumar Ghorakavi
President and Founder
Entrepreneur by passion, engineer by profession, and a traveller by heart, Anil is founder of EnGrip. When he doesn't innovate ideas, you can find him trekking in the Himalayas, playing with his pet, or sharing his knowledge with peers and friends.
Venkata Srikanth Pratti
COO-US Operations
Srikanth is a serial entrepreneur, IT consultant and also runs a coding center for younger kids. After seeing a potential gap in tracking informal learning, he put his ideas and efforts to make EnGrip solve that problem for a larger community. He is responsible for launching EnGrip for US Market.
Kiran Kuncham
Kiran, a self-made entrepreneur believes that skills gap in the industry is actually an awareness gap, job seekers not making employers aware of the skills that they actually have. With EnGrip, he aims to solve this awareness gap and create more opportunities for job seekers and more choices for employers.
Growth Head-India
A Growth person with a passion for making businesses succeed by providing immense value to the end user. Rakesh is a Growth Head at EnGrip; strategizing and executing marketing tasks. When not working you will always find him reading, learning and debating about the importance of learning for a successful life.
Sumanth Patil
Ambassador - University of Maryland
Sumanth is an aspiring Computer Scientist and student at University of Maryland. He has worked as a Software and UI development intern at various firms. He hopes to develop his skills in data science and business technologies before moving towards an interest in Computational Geosciences.
Dolica Gopisetty
Ambassador - George Mason University
Dolica Gopisetty is currently a senior at GMU, pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. An activist for the tech community, she has a strong passion for Web Development and Cloud Computing and has already become AWS Solutions Architect Certified. As a sessional speaker, she shares the importance and future of cloud technologies.
As a team, we are super-proud our web extension is the first-of-its-kind in the market and fits into the online learning ecosystem as a self-learning enabler. And we are super-happy our tool is receiving great praise from our users.

Praise for EnGrip

I love EnGrip. As a startup consultant i read a vast amount to stay current on tools and techniques and EnGrip really helps me to capture my learning.

Denis Oakley

I read a lot for my professional and personal growth. EnGrip helps me organise my reading in a convenient manner. Tracking my learning hours and those reminder notifications sort of inspires me to be consistent in my reading habits. A very handy and a must-have tool for self-learners!

Ashlesh Kumar

As someone who consumes loads of information everyday online, I just love EnGrip. Because it always notifies me to save aka ‘grip’ a page while I am visiting a website related to my expertise. I don’t think even dedicated bookmarking sites offer this awesome feature.

Anil Kumar M

I came across EnGrip two months back, while I was browsing internet for some study topics. It's a great feature and with EnGrip my online learning is getting more organised day by day. It's a hassle free way of managing, segregating your online leanings effectively. EnGrip is an innovative bookmark, Study tracker and a way to showcase your knowledge to the world.


Ankita Tripathi

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I am using EnGrip for two reasons: It’s super easy to save and organise whatever I learn online. Secondly, it automatically creates a Knowledge Profile based on my learning hours. To the best of my knowledge, there is no other tool out there which offers these two amazing benefits.

Satya Dev

Since the best learning materials that I can find and trust are online I feel heavily the urge to show that I have learned from the best. EnGrip allows me to showcase and store just that!

Heitor Salazar Baldelli

Heitor Salazar Baldelli

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