Why join EnGrip?
  • Ever felt merely a college degree or a course certification doesn’t entirely sum up your knowledge?
  • Ever worried your 2-page resume fails to capture the efforts you put to improve your knowledge everyday?
  • Ever thought your professional profile on social networks isn’t an authentic way to evaluate your skills?
At EnGrip, we always felt YOU are more than your resume, college degree, or course certifications. Because you learn everyday.Your learning isn’t just limited to classrooms and course books.
So recognizing your ability by only going through your formal education or a certification doesn’t always do justice to the knowledge you might gather through various informal methods.
For instance, if you are passionate about a subject or have a burning desire to grow in your career, you are certainly not going to stop simply with the subject books. You are going to dig deep. You might hit libraries. Hunt Bookstores. Frequent networking events. Well, the options are endless.

But, in this digital age, the first thing you would probably do is—like most people—turn to the Internet to learn.

From reading articles to watching videos to discussing topics to networking with peers, you might delve into the ocean of knowledge that Internet serves you in the comfort of your home or office.
Sometimes, you might even lose the sense of time while surfing into the Internet, learning new stuff and honing your skills.
  • What if you had a superb technology to chronicle your online learning experiences for your career growth?
  • What if you have something like a live blueprint of knowledge, establishing the vastness of your knowledge and learning experiences in an authentic manner?
  • What if you could inspire from the learning experiences of your friends, colleagues and industry peers?
  • What if you could use your learning experiences to establish your authority in the industry and attract more opportunities?
Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Well, that’s EnGrip for you.

If facebook is your social identity, Linkedin is your professional identity, then EnGrip is your knowledge identity.

EnGrip makes online learning more rewarding for self-learners like you. Now, your everyday learning gets converted into an intuitive shareable knowledge profile that shows the real potential of your expertise, which a 2 page resume or a Linkedin endorsement can't. Unlike traditional resumes, our Knowledge Profile allows you to showcase your skills in its true entirety-not just limiting to your formal education.
So come, be an expert beyond your resume with EnGrip.
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