Plunge, an EnGrip initiative, is a contest for final year engineering students in India to reward the best final year project.To qualify for a reward, participants must complete their project successfully.

Final year project is your gateway to future career. Your project gives you an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge to actual practice. Interviewers will ask you questions about your academic projects. Their main motive is to check how good you are at practical skills. The practical experience gained will not only help with interviews but also help you be a better engineer.

Considering this significance EnGrip wants to reward the efforts put in for the final year project. Such a competition not only motivates the students but also employers in finding the right talent.

If you are a final year student of Engineering studying in India, you can participate in Plunge.

No. Plunge and EnGrip are completely free for all users.

  • You can give exposure to your hard work put in for your final year project.
  • Get your own "Knowledge Profile" to showcase to your prospective employer.
  • An opportunity to get cash prizes and work for promising startups in India.

Registration for Plunge can be done by providing your email address and choosing a password. You can also sign up using your facebook/google accounts. Please visit signup page to complete your registration.

You may participate as an individual or as part of a group. Depends on how you are doing your project. If you are doing project as a group you can participate as a group.

No. Everyone has to sign up as an individual first. Then he/she can invite group members to join their project. Once they sign up individually and accept your invitation they will be added to your group.

No. Aren't you supposed to do only one main project as part of your academics!

Neither Plunge nor EnGrip claims any ownership on the projects submitted for Plunge. The ownership lies with the individual or group who completes the project.

Plunge is not about winning cash prizes but looking at what other people are doing and learn as much as possible from others. This attitude helps you in your career. Don't worry! We will also reward users who provide maximum number of referrals.

EnGrip is giving cash prizes to top three winners of the contest. Cash prize is per project. So if you are part of a group of the winning project then you have to share the prize with other group members.

Not guaranteed but if you are winning a national competition you deserve a job. Aren't you? We will make sure that winners will get maximum visibility to the startups. The startups will approach the winners, if the profile matches to their requirement, and based on result of the interview, winners may get a job.

We do not host any of your documents. You can place them in public repositories like github, bitbucket. Google Drive etc and provide the link in your project details.

No. We don't host any of your content. You just provide the link of your content stored in any public storage. We will retain this link in your Knowledge Profile. The link and it's contents are all owned by you. We may need to access your content for evaluation purpose only.

Your project will be evaluated on the following criteria: clarity of concept, peer recognition, presentation, research done on project captured using EnGrip extension, relevant use of tools and technologies and successful execution.

The judging panel will comprise of people from academics and industry as well. We will announce the panel of judges before the period of enrollment ends.

We will keep this page updated with the latest happenings. You will also receive email from us for important updates.

EnGrip is an online application that lets you capture your learning experiences and create a Knowledge Profile that truly showcases your expertise.

EnGrip extension, a patent pending technology, lets users quickly capture their learning activities online from within their browser.

This is designed to work with Firefox and Chrome browsers. Support for other major browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari will be available soon.

A resume that grows as you learn, updated automatically with each new learning experience you grip is your living resume. Unlike a traditional static resume, your EnGrip knowledge profile captures all your informal learning, not just the standard qualifications and industry experience.

Yes, signing up for Plunge will make you a user of EnGrip and it's tools. You can keep using these tools even after the competition ends. And the learning captured during the competition will be added and stay on your knowledge profile forever.

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