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embedded c
data structures
Vasavi Javvaji


Career Objective

I want to became a respected person in good multi national Companies where i am working.


Bachelor of technology
Vignan's Lara Institute Technology and Sciences
Computer science
2015 to 2019

General Information

Languages Known
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Current Location
Guntur India
playing shuttle, cooking.


NPTEL Certification
May 2018
Smart Car Parking
Team Leader
Vignan's Lara Institue of Technology & Science
Dec 2017 to Jan 2018
To find the status of a parking- slot (empty/full) is the main aim of our project. These days radars are used to allot slots in parking areas in big cities and towns. We have used IOT technology in our project. IOT i.e., Internet of Things is the trending technology which is being implemented in many areas of our daily use like automatic light on/off systems, automatic water tank workings etc. We used Ultrasonic sensor to find the status of the slot. NODE-MCU is used to provide internet for the sensor lo upload code to the cloud. Ultrasonic sensor measures the distance between the sensor and the obstacle before it by releasing ultrasonic wave i.e., a sound wave. The sensor calculates the distance and according to the provided constraints of length status of slot is displayed. With this we can reduce the manual work. There will also be lesser internal traffic problems at the parking lot.