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mat lab
Maneesha Lukka


Career Objective

To pursue a challenging career and be part of a progressive organization that gives scope to enhance my knowledge and skills to give my best for the growth of the company.


Bachelor of Technology
Vignana's Lara Institute of Technology And Science
Computer Science And Engeneering
2015 to 2019

Sri Vivekananda Junior College
2013 to 2015

Bhashyam Public School
2012 to 2013

General Information

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Current Location
Listening Telugu songs,surfing in net.


Detection of Microaneurysms
team member
Vignan's Lara Institute of Technology And science
Jun 2018 to Aug 2018
It is used for automatic detection of microaneurysms which are considered as the earliest signs of diabetic retinopathy. This is considered as the major cause of blindness in working age population.Diabetic Retinopathy is a very severe and wide-spread eye-disease. In fact, it is the principal cause of legal blindness for the working age population of western ountries. Microaneurysms are the first ophthalmoscopic sign of this disease. Their detection is therefore crucial for the diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy. Because Diabetic Retinopathy becomes symptomatic only in its later stage, diabetic patients may not be aware of having been affected by the disease in its beginning. Therefore, regular retinal examinations of the risk groups are highly recommended. The costs of these examinations and the shortage of specialists, especially in rural areas, are the drawbacks of this procedure. A computer assisted approach could help to overcome these problems, because examination time and the number of specialists necessary to perform the examinations are diminished. Furthermore, inorder to monitor the disease, comparison between images taken at different examinations is necessary. . Because this task can hardly be fullfilled manually, a computer assisted approach is required -consisting in detecting microaneurysms from the retinal images.
Mall Management System
Wright Tech Software Solutions
May 2018 to Jun 2018
The Shopping Mall Management System will allow more than one shop owner to set up different shops, to sell various products under one roof i.e. mall. The mall performs the creation of a set of different shops, such as a book store, a shoe store, clothes store, jewellery store etc. In the existing mechanism customers need to search for the shops manually in a mall. Shop owners also directly contact to the mall administrator for their new shop setup. Even mall administrator is also maintaining the shops data manually. It is like storing information in records. It will create the burden for the management to maintain all the records. It is very much time consuming process. The project is going to be developed is web based application which is shopping mall management system .This application can be applied on any shop .The Mall owners the super user and has complete control over all the activities that can be performed. The application notifies the administrator of all shop creation requests, and the administrator can then approve or reject them. The administrator maintain whole mall database. That means updation, deletion, reset tasks are maintained. When the request is approved by the mall administrator and from there on is given the role of shop owner. The shop owner is responsible for setting up the shop and maintaining it. A mall customer can browse mall details where ever they want and view the shops which place they can be placed or setup in a mall and also view discounts of that shops.