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Lalitha Inturi


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A highly organized and hard-working individual looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience.


Bachelor of technology
Vignan's lara institute of technology
Computer science
2015 to 2019

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Removing of contaminated clouds
team memeber
Vignan's lara institute of technology and science
Jul 2018 to Sep 2018
Cloud cover is a major problem in the optical remote sensing imagery. Hence automated cloud detection and cloud removal is an important step in remote sensing imagery processing. In this paper cloud and associated shadow contamination removal was studied on a Hyperion image. The scheme applied was based on the use of two multi-temporal images covering at a large extent the same area. One image was cloudy and the other one was cloud free. At first, the two images were atmospherically corrected. Secondly, clouds and their shadows were detected. Thresholding was applied taking advantage of the fact that reflectance values of cloud pixels are significantly higher than reflectance values of the rest of image pixels. This characteristic allowed the discrimination of clouds from the rest land cover types. Similarly, shadow detection was performed based on the fact that reflectance values of shadow pixels are significantly lower than reflectance values of vegetation pixels and bare earth pixels. Remaining cloud margins were detected and removed with the use of object-based classification. At last, image mosaicking technique was utilized to substitute cloud and cloud shadow regions that were previously subtracted with corresponding regions from the cloud free image. Experimental results showed that the utilized methodology was successful in removing the clouds producing a cloud free image. Results from the evaluation of the final cloud free image were reasonably satisfactory. This scheme is applied relatively fast and with the use of commercial software, which makes it of widespread use.