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For Students

Engrip tells about you, what your resume doesn’t. And increases your chances of landing your dream job with a stunning online knowledge profile.

A CV simply sums up the skills of a student. It can neither prove the true potential nor bring out the real competencies of a student. Badly written CVs cause dismissing the application and good writing can manipulate hiring mediocre employees. This results that most of students end up doing jobs that do not match up their skills or interests and therefore not working to their fullest potential.

How It Works?

EnGrip Knowledge Profile lets you document the entire academic activities, from exam assessments to projects to certifications, in a visual format.

EnGrip Demonstrations confirm your expertise by using work samples such as your presentation, project, certifications or research activity as proof of your skills.

EnGrip Learning Paths prepare you with job-ready skills and employer specific challenges.

EnGrip Extension documents every online learning activity you do to build your skills. Take full advantage of this for your learning and career development.

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Only ₹ 300. Learn job-skills, solve employer challenges and get hired.

For Employers

EnGrip lets you discover proven talent matched with your unique preferences, right out of campus. Improve hiring quality, speed and efficiency with access to our pre-screened pool of talent.

The traditional method of hiring is broken. Discovering the right talent for your company using conventional CVs is quite inefficient. After all a CV proves nothing, it just makes claims. And many employers end up spending countless hours per week on these unproven claims. Almost every employer has a story about a person who looked good on paper but turned out to be the employee from hell.

How It Works?

Hire right people Discover proven talent with access to a pool of pre-screened talent to reduce the hiring time and improve the conversion rate.

Improve brand awareness Become an employer of choice to attract more of the right candidates come to you. EnGrip career fair will be attended by top 20 private engineering colleges across Telangana and AP.

Evidence based hiring Degrees and GPAs are no more relevant in skill-centered organization. Decide the perfect candidates based on work samples rather than a degree or a resume.

Save time and money Gain access to a large number of candidates with proven talent in a one-stop environment.

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We are changing the traditional hiring habits!


Knowledge profile

A 360 degree resume that documents everything a student learns to grow in their career. Be it at college or back at home, the efforts put to master a skill will be recognised.


Proof of skills

A resume can only make claims. EnGrip lets students build a digital portfolio that demonstrates their skills by using projects, presentations and research activities as proofs.


Relevant candidates

EnGrip connects relevant candidates from a pre-screened talent pool to potential opportunities based on Job description. So save those hours wasted in filtering jobs or applications.